Programme Details

The core of the programme is weekly one on one contact with your mentor over a three month period beginning May 1 2017.

Mentors are there to provide insight and advice regarding your business challenges and opportunities.

We will host 4 programme meet-ups to which all mentees are required to attend.

Our Participation fee per mentee is $100 which will cover the cost of programme materials and your attendance at meet-ups. This investment will be matched by your mentor.


Application Process

The mentee application for may be filled in here.

The deadline to apply is Friday 7 April 2017


Your application will be carefully reviewed by our team.

We only have seven places available, (one mentee per mentor) in this cohort.

Successful applicants at this stage will be asked for further information about their businesses which will be shared with our group of mentors.

A final group of mentees will be invited to a speed-dating event and interview with our mentors. A successful matching at this stage will result in an invitation to join the LevelUp mentoring cohort.

Following a successful interview, you will be required to pay the participation fee and sign our agreement.

Both you and the mentor must have set your individual and entrepreneurial goals for the mentoring period in the two weeks following you joining the programme.

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  1. Hi, great initiative there. My question though is, are aspiring entrepreneurs also welcome to apply? My business idea is still budding.

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